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Child Soldiers in Bahrain

The first week of March 2014 took residents and citizens back to the traumatic failed coup d’état attempt in 2011. It was a time of insecurity and fear for most who were in Bahrain at that time and now it seemed the nightmare was upon them again. On Monday, March 3rd, a series of bombs […]

Amnesty’s Formula

The 65th season of the most prestigious race in the world – the Formula One season will commence on 16th March in Melbourne Australia and wrap up the season after 22 races in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 30th November 2014. The F1 is recognized by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as the highest class […]

Time to take responsibility for Bahrain!

Friday, 27th September, was a normal weekend in Bahrain. An approved rally in Budaiya meant, courtesy of AlWefaq, thousands of residents in and around the area would be hostages in their own homes. Many waited patiently for the usual show of “solidarity” to dissolve into the predictable chaos, violence and general anarchy that people in […]

Poisoned Pens

Journalism at one time was considered a noble profession; one that was credible, honest with the purpose to provide the general public global information, in an unbiased manner. Sadly, it has become a “business” to spread malicious allegations, fuel propaganda and circulate disinformation for the highest bidder. Countries, governments and well-known personalities have not only […]

Capital of Torture – Tehran

Al Wefaq‘s latest creative campaign on social media is “capital of torture”. Their manipulated images, information and propaganda for the vast majority in Bahrain is infuriating. Western powers feed into this sensationalism and ludicrous accusations, actively ignoring the peaceful majority in a multi-cultural and tolerant society. Bahraini people by nature are calm and laid back […]

Bahrain – A New Era

Communication channels were ablaze with activity on Monday with the announcement of the Crown Prince’s appointment as Deputy PM. International articles were provocative lacking impartiality. It seems that this small island is of great interest to people who knew very little if anything about it until a few years ago. Many are focused on offering […]

The Voiceless Mothers of Bahrain

Fragmentation in this once very peaceful society has affected most of us where people now base their decision on friendships on whether people are sunni, shia, pro-government, anti-government and use other bizarre yardsticks. A group of Bahraini women shed light on how the violence in Bahrain had affected their lives. During this meeting, I met […]