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Bahrain – “though small in size, great with the will of its people”.

Every December since 1989 I have felt as if the entire country celebrates my birthday and in January 2014, I will celebrate my silver jubilee in Bahrain. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but my experiences have left me a fiercely loyal resident of Bahrain. My feeling for Bahrain is summed up […]

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I write to you as a citizen of the world and a long-time resident of Bahrain. You lead the most powerful and largest democracy. America is portrayed as the land of the free, where people from all walks of life supposedly live with complete freedom – after all, an American is an […]

Time to take responsibility for Bahrain!

Friday, 27th September, was a normal weekend in Bahrain. An approved rally in Budaiya meant, courtesy of AlWefaq, thousands of residents in and around the area would be hostages in their own homes. Many waited patiently for the usual show of “solidarity” to dissolve into the predictable chaos, violence and general anarchy that people in […]

Iran’s Master Manipulators in Bahrain

On Sunday, 4th August 2013, US Embassies in Dhaka, Doha, Kabul, Khartoum, Kuwait and Bahrain remained closed due to a “threat” made in Yemen by Al Qaeda. Ironically, Bahrain is safer than New York and London so why the embassy was shut here is a mystery. Masters at propaganda, America, presumably wants to attract attention […]

Le Hezbollah de Bahreïn

Par Sally SAAR (Expatriée britannique résidente à Bahreïn, Partisane de l’Humanité et de la Paix) Le Hezbollah, qui a su tracer son chemin vers le pouvoir au Liban, a réussi à infiltrer Bahreïn. Hassan Nasrallah est né le 21 août 1960 et a été nommé à la tête du Mouvement Amal avant d’effectuer un voyage […]

Dictatorship by a Foreign Power

National dialogue takes place every single working day within parliament, be it in London or Bahrain. Members of Parliament are theoretically the voice of people within their constituency. If that representative then chooses to leave parliament he is now securely outside the democratic parliamentary process as is the norm in any Western democracy. In short […]

Bahrain – A New Era

Communication channels were ablaze with activity on Monday with the announcement of the Crown Prince’s appointment as Deputy PM. International articles were provocative lacking impartiality. It seems that this small island is of great interest to people who knew very little if anything about it until a few years ago. Many are focused on offering […]