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Alwefaq is not Bahrain

Yesterday on Friday 14th February Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader of Alwefaq ordered his followers to go out and fight for their “rights”. The same night one policeman died and one is still fighting for his life. Isa Qassim and the illegal and the dissolved Shiaa Scholars Council are personally responsible for the deaths and […]

Foreign Hands in Bahrain

Every source of social media was in a flurry as February 14th 2014 approached. A special day being the anniversary of the National Charter, and for many it was Valentine’s Day. For AlWefaq terrorist group, however, they converted this auspicious day into the “anniversary” of their so-called revolution. Once again the strength of the peaceful […]

Bahrain – “though small in size, great with the will of its people”.

Every December since 1989 I have felt as if the entire country celebrates my birthday and in January 2014, I will celebrate my silver jubilee in Bahrain. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but my experiences have left me a fiercely loyal resident of Bahrain. My feeling for Bahrain is summed up […]

Icon of Bahrain

A young man who grew-up beside his father in important meetings, was born a visionary leader – a quality many strive for – a quality that only the possess. This young man would travel the world and while everyone was enjoying the scenery and indulging in their escapade abroad, this young man wondered why Bahrain […]

Bahrain post 14th August

Tamarood (Rebellion) or Tamarind as they are now known, was a complete embarrassment for the stubborn leaders of Al Wefaq, who, not surprisngly, still enjoy their freedom despite the fact they encourage youth to “crush the police” and carry out terrorist acts. The failed protest on 14th August 2013 was a strong indication of exhausted […]

“This continued violence is simply not acceptable and it will be stopped” in Bahrain.

Calling the failed coup on Feb 14th, 2011 an “uprising”is irresponsible journalism. At the occupied GCC roundabout, Hassan Mushaima and Ali Salman, along with other leaders, called for an “Islamic Republic” like Iran. The shia opposition leaders called for the downfall of the entire regime. When Al Wefaq had 18 seats (won through fatwas) in […]

Poisoned Pens

Journalism at one time was considered a noble profession; one that was credible, honest with the purpose to provide the general public global information, in an unbiased manner. Sadly, it has become a “business” to spread malicious allegations, fuel propaganda and circulate disinformation for the highest bidder. Countries, governments and well-known personalities have not only […]