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Bahrain – “though small in size, great with the will of its people”.

Every December since 1989 I have felt as if the entire country celebrates my birthday and in January 2014, I will celebrate my silver jubilee in Bahrain. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but my experiences have left me a fiercely loyal resident of Bahrain. My feeling for Bahrain is summed up […]

Icon of Bahrain

A young man who grew-up beside his father in important meetings, was born a visionary leader – a quality many strive for – a quality that only the possess. This young man would travel the world and while everyone was enjoying the scenery and indulging in their escapade abroad, this young man wondered why Bahrain […]

Thor of the West

Abdulemam was a speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum last week making a fumbled and awkward speech, using a poorly manipulated video presentation to draw sympathy and offer a visually biased and prejudiced report. The video shows graphic images that have been used out of context and thus can be considered slanderous. It is evident […]

Dictatorship by a Foreign Power

National dialogue takes place every single working day within parliament, be it in London or Bahrain. Members of Parliament are theoretically the voice of people within their constituency. If that representative then chooses to leave parliament he is now securely outside the democratic parliamentary process as is the norm in any Western democracy. In short […]