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Source; BNA

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister orders to follow up the case of a citizen Fatima Ghlum who was assaulted by some saboteurs.

In response to an appeal filed by the Bahraini citizen Fatima Ghuloom Hussain Mohammed, to HRH the Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, ordered his office and authorities concerned to follow up her case and provide her and her family a decent life, after being beaten up and humiliated by some saboteurs who also damaged her car during one of the marches organized on 12 April 2013.

HRH’s rapid response came as part of his continued follow up of citizens’ affairs with their needs expressed through the media, particularly those related to ensuring citizens safety and providing security to the community of Bahrain.

HRH’s rapid response also reflects his keenness to follow up citizens concerns, and provide them with support needed at all situations that may affect their social stability.

For her part, Ms. Fatima Ghuloom expressed her deepest appreciation to His Royal Highness the Prime Minister for the swift response to her appeal, which, she said, confirms how close HRH is to citizens, as well as his keenness to follow-up and solve personal problems, as soon as possible.

She also said that “such warm initiatives are a usual behavior of HRH as he has always been a father of all citizens. She added that HRH has always been there among citizens, listening to their personal complaints, giving an example of a leader who would make every effort to ensure the convenience of his citizens.

Ms. Ghuloom wished his HRH the prime minister continued good health and the leadership and people of Bahrain further stability and prosperity.


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