Just another weekend in Bahrain.


Since 2011, hundreds of voices in Bahrain have continued a verbal dialogue in defence of Bahrain. Loud, outspoken, even graphic evidence through social media has been shared with the world to expose the atrocities committed by the so called “peaceful revolutionaries”, who are nothing but a group of fanatics who indulge in violence of the most grotesque kind known to the human race. Their mode of communication is homemade bombs, molotov cocktails and sharpened metal rods shot through launchers aimed at unarmed police and unsuspecting civilians in the vicinity while yelling “God is great” and calling for the downfall of the regime. This vicious behaviour even goes on during funerals of so called “martyrs” and yet they claim to be “peaceful”. Isa Qassim is the leader of the shi’aa community and spiritual leader of Al Wefaq in Bahrain – his sermons incite hatred, sectarianism and violence – yet not a word of contempt is uttered by Western observers.

Despite all the proof through photography, video footage, spectators and witnesses – the world’s media who thrive on sensationalism feed like vultures off radicalized and politicized human rights groups, irrational and lob sided voices of “academics” and Bahrainis from the ‘opposition’ who blatantly lie to the UK and USA government and media to the point that many have secured asylum under false pretences.

To date, despite every single “rally” that Al Wefaq organizes dissolving into violent mayhem – not one a single major international newspaper or human rights groups has defended the rights of citizens, residents or unarmed police. Would the British Government or US government allow this endless chaotic behaviour carry on in their streets? I highly doubt it, considering how swiftly the Wall Street and Fleet Street protests were extinguished.

Bahrain has lost 13 brave police men at the hands of terrorists, thousands have been injured and hundreds disabled – and still yet, not a word of sympathy for security personnel who face armed militia with nothing but tear gas.

This begs the question – who is responsible for passing laws to preserve the safety and sanctity of every single person in Bahrain?. Do new laws need to be passed? When will people not worry about burning roads and armed, masked youth wandering the streets during the weekend? Why are mask-less police cleaning the roads where louts have burned tyres causing carcinogenic fumes? Why are bombs being detonated in residential areas?

Is it not high time to criminalize offences and see more of these violent youth serving long jail sentences and taken off the streets? Shouldn’t elders/guardians within the community be held accountable? Shouldn’t terrorist laws be implemented at the earliest? When will new laws see the light of day? When will a proactive stance be taken against enemies of the state? While the West works relentlessly to eradicate terrorism in their countries – they openly deny the violence of the opposition and preach dialogue to Bahrain – why are they not concerned about the safety of the ordinary man woman and child in this country?

Last weekend, MOI did not allow a rally in Muqsha – however, there was an intense police presence in and around the villages and, as expected, the same night, a bomb was detonated in Daih – yet another policeman injured. Naturally, the burning and blocking of roads, including highways, continued throughout the weekend.

It was just another weekend in Bahrain!



2 comments on “Just another weekend in Bahrain.

  1. Dear sister Sally ..
    Greetings .
    I would like to ask a few points , it is during a traffic articles on this blog , I find myself perplexed to learn from the author : Is it a mouthpiece for the government of Bahrain ? Or is unknown unconvinced including writes so disguised in some way .. Generally, the movement demands in Bahrain did not start in February 2011 , but dating back to the year 1920 when he began Al Khalifa to impose a tax on Shiite citizens .. all children aged 15 years the parents have to pay tax to the ruling family tyrannical .
    For this, the inventory of the national movement demands all the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain , in a period of three years, it means that there is a fatal error committed by the writer dishonestly no conscience … I would have liked to be wondering : Why lasted youth February 14 and the opposition societies full month in the Pearl Roundabout in all peaceful and why they were attacked by government every bloody dawn and killed and destroyed mosques and imprisoned thousands and thousands separated from their jobs ?
    Q : When your house is set on a masked , heavily armed of all nationalities .. Do you have to just cry ? Is not it a human right to defend himself ?

    Easy to write about himself as a man defends humanity and peace .. easy phrase written … but easy to detect false conscience prankster

  2. Hi..
    I really love what I have read so far and I am amazed by the way you analyzed the kingdom situation which by the way is not getting any better.
    I hope the new generation will realized that living together is the only way to build this kingdom and to return to the good old days, when everybody love each other despite their religion color or race.
    Excuse my writing I am a simple old man trying to live my life the way I remember it 40 years back.
    I wish you long life, happiness and prosperity.

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