Child Soldiers in Bahrain


The first week of March 2014 took residents and citizens back to the traumatic failed coup d’état attempt in 2011. It was a time of insecurity and fear for most who were in Bahrain at that time and now it seemed the nightmare was upon them again.

On Monday, March 3rd, a series of bombs ripped through a group of police who were clearing an area in Daih as mourners (in their usual style) targeted security personnel with deadly home made weapons. The grim result was three policemen dead and dozens injured, including a photojournalist from a local newspaper. As a result, the village of Daih was on lock down until police could sweep the area to ensure no other explosive devices were planted and to search for the terrorists who had committed such a heinous crime. As ambulances ferried the dead and injured, social media was ablaze as messages of condemnation were shared in real time with the world.

An armed militia group later announced that they were responsible and went on to “celebrate” the death of “mercenaries” as if their lives were of no consequence. As they distributed chocolates and congratulated each other for a job well done, two countries and three devastated families made preparations to bury their men who had bravely protected the people of this country. There were now twelve true martyrs from Bahrain and one from the UAE since 2011.

AlWefaq tried to divert attention by announcing that their building was being attacked. Witnesses had seen men come out of the villages and throw a few rocks – their plan failed –no one cared when three men had just been brutally murdered in cold blood. People from Bahrain vociferously slammed the murderers and shared images of the damage and injured. Shock and sadness turned into fury as people gathered and local societies began making plans to publically speak out against terrorism in Bahrain. The silent majority now realized how grave the situation had become and their voices needed to be louder.

Just two days later, on Wednesday, 5th March, a ten year old was seriously injured and an eleven year old lost his right hand. The boys had been instructed by bomb makers to carry and plant a bomb when the incendiary device exploded prematurely in his hand as he was placing it at location in Daih targeted at police. Specialists say these boys may be psychologically affected for months if not years and one will need several surgeries to hopefully regain some movement in his hand.

Evidence of tens of thousands of photographs and videos have been circulated showing evidence of the use of children in street protests and violence – and yet there continues to be thunderous silence from bogus human rights organizations across the globe. To date it is difficult to find a single word on any Human Rights organisation web page that condemns the actions of the terrorists in their utilization of children in Bahrain.

• What kind of irresponsible adults sent a child to deliver a bomb?
• What depth of evil is lurking within AlWefaq and their militia groups?
• Why do human rights groups not condemn these despicable acts and continue to turn a blind eye even though it has been going on since 2011?
• If AlWefaq’s Isa Qassim is sincere about being anti-violent, why does he not reverse his infamous fatwa to “Crush them ” that sanctioned targeted attacks against police and civilians?

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, Human Rights First, amongst the hundreds of others, refer to men and women with connections to terrorist groups and responsible for child soldiers as well as the deaths of civilians and policemen as “activists” whilst ignoring the plight of the victims who these very same people label as “mercenaries” and “government spies”.

Although the UK, EU, UN and USA politely condemn these attacks, they are just as guilty for protecting the masterminds in their countries. Meanwhile, very surreptitiously, AlWefaq armed militia, Feb14 coalition / Tamarood Movement / Al Ashtar Brigade continue to target security personnel in Bahrain through their child soldiers.



3 comments on “Child Soldiers in Bahrain

  1. This is absolutely absurd. You have no idea what a “child soldier” really is. Take your venom and spew it somewhere else.

  2. Thanks Sally for a well written article about the recent developments in Bahrain. Exploiting kids in Bahrain has always been a regular practice by the Pro Iran Opposition (AlWefaq, Mariam Al Khawaja, Nabeel Rajab, etc). Those kids have always been encouraged by the Religious Mullahs and the so called HRD activists being Heroes for risking their life and future using home made bombs and Molotovs while confronting policemen at duty maintaining peace & security. Is this the democracy they are promising Bahraini’s with?!!! NO!!! They are simply preparing a generation of terrorists to destroy what the peace & harmony Bahraini Nation has built many years back. If the US, UK and EU are shy to condemn such terror acts in strong words and show clear solidarity with Bahrain (The Government & the People), I am quite sure they will cry in the future as terror and terrorists are the enemy of ALL civilised nations.

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