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Nader Abdulemam – a Terrorist in Bahrain

Nader Abdulemam calls himself a human rights activist and the West is quick to accept his disguise. He assumes the identity of someone who is a caring humanitarian who fights for rights when all in Bahrain know he is nothing more than a violent terrorist.

In 1995 Nader Abdulemam and his gang were caught red-handed burning down Bahrain Islamic Bank in Manama. During questioning he exposed his links to Hezbollah and plans to carry out further terror acts in Bahrain. Despite his heinous crime, within three years of a long sentence, Nader was granted a Royal pardon and released. After his early release Nader was given a full government scholarship after which he was appointed as a Mathematics teacher by the Ministry of Education.

On Saturday 15th February 2014, Abdulemam called for the death of a grieving woman at the funeral of a murdered policeman. Her crime was practicing her freedom of speech as stated in the Bahrain constitution. The lady was visibly distort and publically urged an end to violence and asked the government to take stronger action against terrorism.

On the same day during a protest in Budaiya Nader the “human rights activist” instructed his gang to carry out an attack on a British journalist who he had previously abused via social media.

Nader is the Alwefaq webpage admin, runs several fake accounts calling for violence and continues to be involved in, if not masterminding terror acts in Bahrain. In fact, in February 2011 Nader was one of the main speakers at the GCC Roundabout where, on several occasions he called for the death of Alkhalifa. During the same period, he was part of the group who dragged Asian workers out of their homes, beat, tortured and murdered several. Since Isa Qassim’s fatwa to “crush the police”, Nader incites violence against the police and encourages his gangs to brutally attack security personnel by labeling them as “mercenaries”.

The Feb14 armed militia group is considered a terrorist organization in Bahrain and yet this “human rights activist” is involved in all their brutal attacks on unarmed civilians and police. Sources confirm that he also manages some of the Feb14 social media accounts.

Nader Abdulemam’s core belief is violence with links to terrorists Nabeel Rajab, Alkhawaja, Saeed Shehabi and Mushaima. His own confessions prove his contact with Nasserallah and Khamenei – yet the West calls him a Human Rights Activist.

So, my question to the West is this – why do you call a person who has no value for a non-shiaa life a human rights activist?



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