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Alwefaq is not Bahrain


Yesterday on Friday 14th February Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader of Alwefaq ordered his followers to go out and fight for their “rights”.

The same night one policeman died and one is still fighting for his life. Isa Qassim and the illegal and the dissolved Shiaa Scholars Council are personally responsible for the deaths and injuries of unarmed police and civilians. Isa Qassim has murdered ten policemen and left hundreds seriously injured and disabled since February 2011.

Civilians too have suffered at the hands of Isa Qassim’s so “peaceful protesters” by being dragged out of their homes, threatened, beaten, tortured and some murdered in cold blood.

Isa Qassim passed a fatwa to “crush the police” and to date Alwefaq and Feb14 armed militia carry out his deadly instructions on a daily basis.

Isa Qassim wants “shiaa” voices to be heard – pray tell what do they not have in Bahrain? They have jobs, businesses, free education, scholarships, free health, and housing and freedom of speech – what is missing? Could it be the “chair” that Isa Qassim is after under the pretence of “national dialogue”?

Alwefaq does not represent the people of Bahrain.
Alwefaq is a terrorist organization in Bahrain.
Alwefaq has the blood of our martyrs on its hands in Bahrain
Alwefaq is not Bahrain.

The people of Bahrain say NO to dialogue with terrorists!



One comment on “Alwefaq is not Bahrain

  1. Isa Qassim who came from Iran 2 decadess ago and being naturalized citizen is carrying a pre-set agenda for Iran with a strong political and fiinanciall support by the US emppassy in Bahrain..

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