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Foreign Hands in Bahrain


Every source of social media was in a flurry as February 14th 2014 approached. A special day being the anniversary of the National Charter, and for many it was Valentine’s Day.

For AlWefaq terrorist group, however, they converted this auspicious day into the “anniversary” of their so-called revolution. Once again the strength of the peaceful majority rose above the inconvenience caused by street rogues and carried on as usual. Local groups of terrorists carried out attacks on police, detonated bombs, placed nails in roads, threatened shopkeepers into closing their businesses and even attacked school buses. Yet again, AlWefaq and Feb14 armed militia groups failed, purely because they have lost support for their fanatical agenda supported by foreign countries. Unsurprisingly, so-called human rights defenders and NGOs failed to condemn violence against unarmed police and civilians. The Ministry of Interior police maintained safety and security so the peaceful majority could continue to enjoy a typical weekend in Bahrain.

It is common knowledge that private individuals as well as governments fund Human Rights organizations. Since 2011, not one has come forward to defend the rights of innocent civilians and unarmed policemen terrorist groups who threaten communities into submission. People like Brian Dooley (Director of HRD Program Human Rights First) claim to be human rights activists, yet refuse to engage with moderates and base their lob sided opinions on radical groups with a personal agenda.

What these organizations have failed to report is, at this time of the year, many villagers travel so that they are not faced with any violence when they reject the armed militia groups’ efforts to force residents and local businesses to turn off power and close down for a few days. If residents refuse, they will be considered traitors and will be subjected to physical attacks and the destruction of their property.

Any doubt that the fanatical groups are supported by Western governments directly or indirectly should be eliminated based on the organized way in which they continue to plan events abroad with dubious funding.

Last week, Maryam Khawaja and Salah Albander presented their falsified grievances against Bahrain at the House of Lords in London with Lord Avebury. These shadowy personalities claim to be experts although their allegations are based on fictitious “facts”. Despite several requests, anyone remotely in support of the Bahrain government is denied access to these meetings.

Sudanese Salah Albander who claims to be Muslim, is linked to a Sudanese Communist party that fights against Islam in Sudan, and in the UK, the organisation works to convert all Sudanese residents. Salah stole educational certificates of a learned person in the USA with a plan to escape and maneuver his way into the Bahrain government in early 2000. Albander, with strong “stolen” scholarly recommendations, saw his way in after being introduced to an official from CSB. This was all part of a heinous plan since Albander was planted as a mole by enemies of the state and linked to Saeed Shehabi in London. Information suggests that Albander’s report against Bahrain was prepared by a third party and given to him for publication. Now, all the way from London and without any accurate or credible statistics, Salah makes outlandish claims against the Bahrain government using his own flawed data.

According to Wikipedia, “Lord Avebury is a Liberal Democrat politician and one of the ninety accepted hereditary peers who remain in the House of Lords after the passing of the House of Lords Act 1999”. He has a personal grudge against Bahrain that goes back to the 1970s. He has cleverly manipulated his position and standing in British society and government to work against the Alkhalifa family. Avebury supports fanatical shi’a terrorist members in London like Saeed Shehabi, Yusif Mohafadha, Ali Abdulemam, Abdul Raouf Ashayib, Ali Mushaima to name a few. It has been proved that all of these men have links to the Iranian Revolutionary army and continue to languish in the UK without any known source of income.

Maryam AlKhawaja is the daughter of jailed terrorist AbdulHadi AlKhawaja and continues her work against Bahrain without returning to a country she calls her home. Maryam has falsely claimed that the government denied her access – but conveniently failed to reveal that her passport had expired – who in the world is permitted to travel without valid documentation? Maryam was not only trained by the US, but Lord Avebury has also taken her under his wing – yet the West continues to feed into swallow her astonishing accusations against Bahrain and the Alkhalifa family.

Meanwhile, Mattar Mattar, Rula AlSaffar and Fatima Salman Hasan Haji are busy campaigning against Bahrain in the USA. Where and how all these groups of people manage to arrange meetings with high-ranking officials and secure biased media attention is hardly a mystery – money talks – but the question is where is it coming from?

Mattar Mattar was trained by the US and forged documents against Bahrain for his own personal agenda. Mattar sits half way across the world enjoying his five-star lifestyle, but the West does not take the time to investigate his crimes or perhaps chooses to conceal the atrocities this man is responsible for. One such incident is when the driver who ran over nine policemen in 2011 confessed that Mattar had given him orders to kill “mercenaries”.

Rula AlSaffar was arrested and jailed for abusing non-shi’a patients at the occupied Salmaniya Medical Complex in February 2011. She claims innocence although there is proof of her ill treatment of Asian workers as well as being involved in protests within the hospital wards. In any country, her nursing license would be withdrawn based on the fact that this behavior is against all ethics of the medical profession.

Fatima Haji now resides in the UK and treated patients without a medical license in 2011. She continues her harsh allegations against Bahrain despite being a product of the scholarship system. She posed as a doctor at SMC and participated in political rallies calling for the downfall of the regime within the hospital wards with no regard for sick patients.

The British and USA government congratulated Bahrain on the recommencement of the national dialogue but completely ignored the fact that the Bahrain leadership urged reconciliation in 2011. Despite several political parties being involved in the National Dialogue, Cameron and Obama refer only to AlWefaq and spiritual leader Ali Salman (who incidentally was found guilty of illegal activities). Despite his criminal offences, the Bahrain government has not withdrawn Salman’s Diplomatic passport and he travels at his whim to preach against the very government that has given him the freedom he continues to claim not to have.

Sirs, please be reminded that the population of this country is 1.2 million of moderate people who seek a better future but not at the hands of fanatical theocratic leaders who call for a shi’a Islamic State. The people vociferously reject all foreign interference and unconditionally support the King, Prime Minister and Crown Prince of Bahrain.



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