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Who knew their dream was to destroy Bahrain


Within 30 days (as most months since 2011) Bahrain has been condemned by UNHR, CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, AFP, AP, HRW, FIDH, and Al Jazeera to name a few. Social media flutters with news of Khalil Marzooq’s arrest, painting a picture of a man that is eons away from his sadistic personality while unarmed police continue to defend the lives of civilians and maintain peace.

BCHR calls for the release of selected shiaa prisoners while AlWefaq demands the release of Marzooq, have an emergency meeting in Geneva, defiantly break the law and meet with a foreign official and have abandoned the National Dialogue that they demanded in the first place. While representatives of AlWefaq and BCHR travel the world and launch extensive media campaigns, they question funds spent by the government on PR but fail to declare their own financiers.

Meanwhile, another Bahraini policeman was buried on 18th September 2013 – murdered by “peaceful” protestors using a bomb. On the same day a policeman was seriously injured and is in intensive care after being shot in the head with a sharpened iron rod propelled from a fire extinguisher. In fact since February 2011 nine policemen have been murdered, 1,500 seriously injured and over 400 have either lost limbs or are severely burned or injured and rendered disabled.

Bahrain is known for the open mindedness of her people. The leadership has never endorsed radicalism, and the government’s tolerance has produced a community where men and women from all walks of life live, work, run businesses and retire together. Representatives from the West whose status is supposedly based on sound, fair, unbiased judgment welcome the loudest fanatical voices to regurgitate falsified information against a government that has offered them the liberty and tools to achieve their dreams. Who knew their dream was to destroy Bahrain?

Many accounts on social media, who are critical of Bahrain, bombard anyone who contradicts their opinion, as if freedom of expression was a right reserved for a select few. They refer to the police as “mercenaries” and neutral or supportive accounts as “government trolls”; they even spam accounts to shut down apposing voices. Sadly, the actions of “anti-government” accounts have rendered scores of “pro-government” accounts closed whilst theirs and parody accounts spewing venom continue to be vociferous against an entire nation.

So, the questions beg;

•Why do “respected” journalists and academics such as Bill Law, Nicolas Kristoff, Dr. Davidson, Marc Owen Jones, Fahad Deshmuk or officials like Navi Pillay, Marietje Schaake and Paul Murphy condemn Bahrain?
•Why are the voices of over a million people conveniently ignored?
•Why are the basic human rights of the vast majority of Bahrainis and expatriates not important to international media and academics, European parliament members and the UNHR?

•Why are Bahrain’s unarmed police criticized for dispersing rioters and protecting civilians from armed and dangerous brutal coalition groups who promote sectarianism and incite hatred?
•Why does Bahrain’s government have to endure endless vicious media criticism, which even in the West would be considered disrespectful and a malicious manipulation of facts?

A few weeks ago a young man died whilst he was cutting down a tree to block a main road. As expected, within minutes of his death, he was portrayed as a good samaritan. In 2011 an employee of Salmaniya hospital was murdered for giving information to the police – the murderers attended his funeral and used his young daughter for propaganda against the government.

Security officials are baselessly accused of sexually abusing and torturing detainees and prisoners. AlWefaq fails to admit that they rejected family law, thus denying shiaa women basic rights. Educated and learned people make false claims of the use of toxic gas when tear gas is used to disperse crowds of armed youth. Under age youth are sent into the streets, denied education and forced into a life of crime and yet international communities turn a blind eye.

Iran continues to claim Bahrain as its 14th Islamic state. Opposition leaders stood on a stage at the GCC Roundabout in February 2011 and called for the downfall of the regime and announced the shiaa “Islamic Republic of Bahrain”. Hezbollah terrorist group leader Nasrallah questions the ethics of the Bahrain regime. The USA embassy entertains fanatical opposition leaders and has admitted to training members. The UK is home to fanatics and academics (with Iranian links) that spew wild accusations against the Bahrain regime. Khalil Marzook showed allegiance to Hezbollah terrorist coalition group February14th. Despite all the evidence, international media and academics support these heinous voices. The question still begs – why?

The fact of the matter is the Rothschild Zionist family owns 96% of the world’s media and with Soros link to this family – the media, UN, EU and HR rhetoric becomes crystal clear. Obviously the agenda of the greater Middle East as planned by Israel and the USA is in play.

As the late great Martin Luther King said, “Nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance or conscientious stupidity”.



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