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Bahrain post 14th August

Tamarood (Rebellion) or Tamarind as they are now known, was a complete embarrassment for the stubborn leaders of Al Wefaq, who, not surprisngly, still enjoy their freedom despite the fact they encourage youth to “crush the police” and carry out terrorist acts. The failed protest on 14th August 2013 was a strong indication of exhausted communities whose support for the opposition has waned.

As sympathy fades, spiritual leader Isa Qassim and political leader Ali Salman desperately announce marches, sit-ins and “civil disobedience” – but nothing is working for Al Wefaq now. Unpredictable violence and vandalism has left businesses in distress, the economy suffering and unemployment on the rise.

Bahrain initiated a bi-cameral Parliament and embarked on reform and democracy in 2002 – well before a whisper of the Arab spring or any external pressure. Instead of applauding the leadership for achievements, western media and governments took it upon themselves to criticize a nation that has upheld freedom of speech and attempted to channel change through a fair and democratic process.

Academics and journalists, including Bill Law, Marc Owen Jones, Fahad Deshmuk and Robert Fisk, to name a few, write lob-sided views for “credible” media houses such as BBC, FP and the Independent. They continue their onslaught against the Bahrain government like rebellious teenagers – conviniently refusing to see the truth for what it is.

Many journalists like Anwar Abdul Rahman, Sawsan Al Shaer, Hisham Al Zayani, Faisal Al Shaikh and Yousif Albinkhalil have been very candid in their articles unlike many who prefer to walk on egg shells as if this is the time for diplomacy as opposed to absolute veracity.

Thus the question arises did the USA dialogue with Al Qaeda, Taliban, KKK, the 911 bombers, Saddam Hussain or the Boston Bombers before they shot one dead and executed a man who was a threat to Iran? The US instead chose to dialogue with Sistani against Sunni Arabs. Why does the US not dialogue with “sovereign citizen group” members like David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman, instead of considering them domestic terrorists? So serious are threats taken in the USA that a teenager has been jailed and held in solitary confinement for making what he says are sarcastic comments on a social media game. He was arrested for making a terrorist threat when he wrote “Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts.”

Did the British government dialogue with the London Bombers or the EDL? In July 2013 a British citizen Mohammed Benares was jailed for having terror guides showing how to make a bomb and detonator and handle an AK47. He was convicted of “possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”. In April 2013 Dart and his two fellow accomplices were jailed; “after each admitted to engaging in conduct in preparations of acts of terrorism”. Marc Topping, specialist counter-terrorism lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service said “this case serves as another reminder that those who take steps to travel abroad for the purposes of preparing for terrorism can and will be prosecuted here in the UK. Although the men did not identify any specific targets for an attack, their determination and intent were very clear”. Did the UK dialogue with any of these people?

Did Spain dialogue with the Bask or ETA? Did France dialogue with the New Nazi Movement or Christian Fickernez in July 2013? Did Norway dialogue with Anders Breivik? Does Iran dialogue with Ahwazis, Christians, Sunni Muslims or Iranian opposition groups?

No government in the world has been pressurized to negotiate or dialogue with known terrorists.

Marc Owens Jones harps on about historic facts against Bahrain from 4000kms away – did he forget the 10,000 murdered Indians in the Amritsar Massacre in 1919? Perhaps he could enlighten the world about the British Empire and how they fragmented so many nations through massacres and the “divide and conquer” policy.

When Fahad Deshmuk talks about Bahrain why does he fail to identify the crimes of ISI, the occupation of Baluchistan or the role of MQM in his home town, Karachi, Pakistan? Does Fahad fear that a mere mention of the above will be his last report? In fact there are innocent Bahrainis who were sold to the CIA by the ISI and jailed in Guantanamo Bay.

The National Dialogue will recommence on 28th August. Many question the success of the dialogue and even suggest it is put on hold until the complete cessation of street violence. Al Wefaq continues with violent protests, leaving residents and citizens questioning the government’s insistence on ongoing talks with political parties that refuse to compromise at any level.

The west and UN, however, reiterate, and pressurize this small island into continued dialogue with fanatics. Laws and legislation passed by the National Assembly affect a country in entirety. The majority stands against Al Wefaq because they not recognize the government or constitution, and have chosen to swear their allegiance to foreign powers against Bahrain.



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