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Iran’s Master Manipulators in Bahrain

On Sunday, 4th August 2013, US Embassies in Dhaka, Doha, Kabul, Khartoum, Kuwait and Bahrain remained closed due to a “threat” made in Yemen by Al Qaeda. Ironically, Bahrain is safer than New York and London so why the embassy was shut here is a mystery. Masters at propaganda, America, presumably wants to attract attention to the Middle East, by suggesting the CIA created Al Qaeda is a threat whilst deflecting international media attention from the real menace, Hezbollah Bahrain, that has planned protests on Wednesday 14th August 2013, under the banner of Tamarood (rebellion).

Al Wefaq armed terrorist militia use remotely detonated bombs, fully automatic AK47 machine guns, a variety of homemade weapons including shotguns and petrol bombs to attack unarmed policemen and civilians, leaving many dead and others maimed. Defiantly, the spiritual leader Isa Qassim refuses to withdraw his instruction to “crush the police” fatwa.

The Secretary General of Al Wefaq, Ali Salman, was born in Bilad Al Qadeem and resides in Jidhafs with his second wife who was just a seventeen year old school girl when they wed. His Iranian mother became a naturalized citizen in 1985 and Salman in 1979. Salman’s late father is believed to be of Iranian decent. His stepfather, thought to be from Saudi Arabia has 12 offspring from Ali’s mother and was the “revolution torch bearer” in his village. Ali is infamous for throwing the first stone at a group of western marathon runners in 1994 during a protest. He became a member of the Bahrain Freedom Movement led by Saeed Al Shehabi during self-exile in London. Salman continues to denounce naturalization although not one person in his immediate family is pure Bahraini.

Ali Salman holds the title for the highest absenteeism earned during his time in Parliament following the 2006 elections. In 2010, he did not run, but nominated candidates. Whomever he nominated and was successfully elected would be subject to pay Salman 40% of their salary as a token of appreciation. Eighteen nominees were elected, giving him a monthly salary in excess of BD20,000. In 2011 he stood on a stage at the GCC Roundabout with other shiaa clerics calling for the downfall of the regime, but now denies that Al Wefaq stood against the leadership. Ali Salman recently travelled extensively to Russia, Europe and South Africa in a bid to gain support and an opportunity to make false allegations against the Bahrain leadership. He is a master manipulator wearing western style suits during visits to the west, to capture attention as a liberal minded politician. His efforts have been futile for the mere reason; his allegations are false! Despite his high-ranking position in Al Wefaq, Salman is not permitted to elect a board member or nominate candidates without the blessings of Isa Qassim – and yet they claim to be fighting for democracy.

A “twelver” shiaa cleric Salman graduated in Qom and admits he relies “on the ruling of Sistani” who he visits regularly. Sistani was born in 1930 to an Iranian mother and unknown father near the Iranian city of Mashad. He began studying shiaa teachings at the age of five and continued his religious studies in Qom, Iran. His rise to eminence began when he moved to Najaf, Iraq in 1952 where he studied with the Grand Ayatollah Imam Abul Qassim Al Khoei and replaced him in 1992 upon his death. Millions of shiaa in Iraq and Iran refer to him as the “marja al-taqlid”, their prime “object for emulation” and take his word as law. His followers worldwide donate “khoms” which is one fifth (20%) of any source of income. Millions of dollars are donated every year which he claims to distribute in Iraq and Iran. Sistani has captured attention for his sexual fatwas and was even referred to as a “12th Century Playboy Advisor” on an American chat show. Appointed by Khamenei, Sistani is the second most powerful shiaa cleric in the world.

Sistani usually communicates with intermediaries but Rumsfeld states in his book that he established a personal relationship with the Imam before the Gulf War invasion in 1987, through Jawad Al Mahri (Sistani’s secretary in Kuwait). The US government realizing Sistani’s influence gave him a $200million “gift” to pass a religious fatwa in support of the US. In acknowledgment of the “gift”, Sistani passed a fatwa not to target American soldiers. According to Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein left more than 6 million weapons in the hands of Iraqis who posed a threat to the safety of the allied forces in Iraq. As a result, Sistani issued a fatwa prohibiting the use of these arms against allied forces but permitted their use against sunnis. Men and women named Abubakar, Omar and Aisha were targeted the most. These religious fatwas are thought to have helped in the fall of Iraq to solidify the occupation of Iraq by allied forces and eventual hand over to Iran.

The Bahrain National Assembly had an extraordinary meeting on Sunday, 28th July 2013, to discuss the toughening of penalties for the protection of the community from acts of terrorism. The National Assembly made up of 40 Shura Council members and 40 Council of Representatives voted in favour of the new laws.

However, one of these “respected” members sadly supported the perpetrators of violence, and condemned the government for “silencing” their voice. MP Osama Mohana (Al Tamimi), has criminal records related to drugs, physical assault, theft and threatening behavoiur; infact during the parliamentary session he threatened to hang a female MP by her feet. Osama defended Ali Salman at the assembly, which was approved by the King to counter terrorism and put an end to blood shed. During acts of terror, Osama meets with Salman, prays on the graves of terrorists, but curiously, never attended funerals of murdered policemen nor offered condolences.

The west has failed Bahrain; western leaders have betrayed a leadership that seeks reform and a better future for all. Iran’s master manipulators have seeped into this society but the government has risen to the challenge of religious backed violence and chosen the security of the country as being paramount. One of the recommendations was to stop all foreign interference by ambassadors in Bahrain’s internal affairs due to the fact British and US Ambassadors have continued to meet with terrorist leaders whilst preaching “dialogue”. The US Embassy in particular has been a cause of concern and interference – with the announcements of increased Al Qaeda “chatter” -on 14th August will the Americans blame Al Qaeda by supporting Hezbollah Bahrain – Iran’s master manipulators?



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