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Bahrain’s Enemy Within

Enemy Within

Al Ashtar Brigade, a terrorist group claimed responsibility for a car bomb placed in the car park of Shaikh Isa bin Salman mosque in Riffa. They admitted that the actual target was Royal Court which was one kilometer away whilst the mosque was 5metres away from the bomb. During the holy month of Ramadan at that time of night – prayer goers were clearly the only target – shattering their feeble theory. Ali Salman, spiritual leader of Al Wefaq initially suggested that the mosque was not open – was he condoning the use of homemade bombs? Al Wefaq later released a statement accusing the Ministry of Interior of fabricating the explosion. Why has their story changed? Were their upper command instructions mis-communicated once again?

Hasan Mushaima who is serving a life sentence and married to key Hezbollah Leader Fatima Abbas Mahdi met with disapproval from the upper command Khamenei, Nasrallah and Sistani in 2011 when he announced the Islamic Republic of Bahrain upon his return via Lebanon. He did not make a joint announcement with Isa Qassim and Ali Salman as per Hezbollah protocol.

Al Wefaq armed militia, Feb14 coalition / Tamarood Movement / Al Ashtar Brigade continue to target security personnel and expatriate worker. It is common knowledge that Iran and Hezbollah who have been meddling in Bahrain’s affairs for decades. Masked terrorists prowl the streets every night making life miserable for people in the villages yet international voices and western governments continue to encourage these terrorists by suggesting local witnesses are insignificant.

For example, Marc Owen Jones an ex-resident of Bahrain, now a PHD student at Iran financed (as reported by the BBC) Durham University condemns Bahrain and fabricates information as if he is a witness from over 5000kms away. His good friend Fahad Deshmuk now lives in his home country of Pakistan and works as a journalist. Fahad incessantly criticizes Bahrain and yet not once has taken the time to look outside his own front door to suggest that living in a politically volatile Pakistan (home of Al Qaeda) is far from ideal. Recruited by the infamous Blogfather in early 2000 – his blog is one of the most distasteful. Brian Dooley is Director Human Rights Defender Program at Human Rights First (HRF) and should be dismissed and held accountable for his disregard for the safety of workers and police who are brutally attacked, beaten and murdered. What is the role of HRF if they do not show compassion for the abused? Despite reams of evidence Jones, Deshmukh and Dooley instigate fake theories and fictitious analysis against Bahrain. These three are just small fish.

During the failed coup d’état in 2011 several high profile, educated and well placed individuals’ agendas were exposed. The biggest problem the Bahrain government faces is the enemies who have penetrated the influential circle and plotted against the very government they represent. Powerful, connected, influential, financially sound and in all cases supported by external sources. Some may not be visibly politically active now – but their legacy lives on – their network is gnawing away at the peace and sanctity that the majority works towards. Some live in Bahrain whilst others prefer their Iran financedlavish lifestyle abroad. These men and women have adamantly worked towards one goal – to remove the Bahrain regime.

Majeed Mohsen AlAlawi is the former Minister of Labour Affairs and was for a short time Minster of Housing before he resigned in 2011. He is one of the leaders of the London based opposition movement “Bahrain Freedom Movement” (BFM) which in the 1990s was responsible for coup attempts and street violence. In 2002 upon his return from exile he embarked on a “reconciliation” process between the leadership and leaders of BFM that included Ali Salman, Hasan Mushaima and Mansoor Al Jamri. It was in fact in preparation to cause decay from the inside out through trust, power, network and position. Currently BFM is actively controlled and operated by Saeed Al Shehabi from a building owned by the Iranian Revolutionary guard. Al Wefaq along with other opposition groups make wild claims about shiaa unemployment but according to Majeed who was responsible from 2002-2011 – he had reduced unemployment to 3.6%. If there is a discrepancy, why does Alwefaq not blame Al Alawi?

When Nizar Al Baharna (one of the founders of Al Wefaq) was appointed Minister of State – he played his evil role well. In 2004 he formed the Justice and Development Society and according to WikiLeaks “his new society advocates full participation in 2006 elections with the goal of blunting some of the political influence of sunni conservatives in the Council of Representatives”. As Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, he ensured that Bahrain was locked into Human Rights agreements thus laying the foundation for the 2015 plan. During the height of the occupation in 2011, Al Baharna regularly visited camps in the Salmaniya Medical Complex Emergency car park which he denied existed on live satellite TV. He had set the stage.

Ali Al Aswad who lives in the UK was trained by Ali Salman and the US Embassy. He paid 40% of his salary to Al Wefaq as a fee for being nominated by the Supreme Leader. In October 2011, Al Aswad traveled to Iraq on an Iraqi travel document which he acquired in Syria en route. He took information about the GCC troops to Muqtada Al Sadr after which Sadr began his verbal onslaught on KSA.

Abdul Jaleel Singese made regular visits to Najaf to meet with Abu Fatima – a key member of the Iranian Revolutionary guard. Abu Fatima would give instructions and have money delivered to Iraq and Lebanon. Singese who is serving a life sentence since 2012 apparently owns 2 petrol stations in Texas and a money exchange in Virginia. He cheated the Iranians by using their money to fund his own businesses.

Abdul Raouf Al Shayib, based in London receives in excess of $4,500 per month from the Iranian Embassy. He should lose his British nationality for scamming the government by marrying Al Shehabi’s Iranian born ex-wife to qualify for British citizenship. At one point he deposited $100,000 for Khalil Al Marzooq in Iranian owned Future Bank, Lebanon branch. Al Shayib is now planning to launch a new TV channel, broadcasting from London to work against Bahrain. Does the British Government not question funding of this channel?

To ensure that their Bahraini passports are not stamped upon arrival in countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel, Ali Salman, Abdul Raouf Al Shayib, Mansoor Al Jamri, Nabeel Rajab, Hadi Al Mousawi, Maryam Al Khawaja, Abdul Jalil Khalil, Ali Al Aswad, Ali Mushiama and Abdul Hadi have all been “honoured” with Iranian Diplomatic passports. An interesting revelation is that some of female members of the Bahrain government are known to communicate with May Al Duri who is an Iraqi Parliament member under the Al Sadr party.

The world sympathized with Zainab Al Khawaja when her mother Khadija Mousawi travelled to the UK and tearfully shared her “heartbreaking” story. She conveniently forgot to tell the foreign media that Zainab travelled over 47 times in one year despite her family earning no income since 1989. Where did Zeinab’s travel costs exceeding $72,000 and accommodation $61,000 come from? On several visits to Lebanon she stayed with Mohammed Al Kawthari (Hezbollah Leader) and his wife at their home.

Saeed Al Shehabi resides in the UK where he owns a house valued at GBP 3 million, thirteen apartments valued at GBP 6million and the entire fifth floor of an office building on Edgeware Road. He shares his personal office with Al Abrar (Iranian Revolutionary Guard) foundation. When Shehabi instructed Bahrain Al Wefaq MPs to resign in 2011, he confirmed his position within the Hezbollah hierarchy. His two goafers Ali Mushaima and Moosa Abdali courier funds from London to Iraq and Lebanon through Iranian owned Future Bank. Incidentally, against all Islamic values Al Shehabi’s son referred to as “Cute Boy” owns the largest Gay club in Manchester.

Now that the EU has labeled Hezbollah as a terrorists group – will American and British authorities deport Hezbollah members, withdraw their nationality and close down their operations in the West? Will the world stand with the truth or with Bahrain’s Enemy within?



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