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Poisoned Pens

Journalism at one time was considered a noble profession; one that was credible, honest with the purpose to provide the general public global information, in an unbiased manner. Sadly, it has become a “business” to spread malicious allegations, fuel propaganda and circulate disinformation for the highest bidder. Countries, governments and well-known personalities have not only become victims of media, but to a certain extent, slaves to media channels that now have the capability to destroy a reputation beyond resurrection. The intricate placement of people in internationally accessible voices is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of Bahrain’s talented writers and journalists were placed by enemies and supposed “allies” of the state to gain a strong international presence with the sole aim to cause maximum damage. There are five main Arabic and two English newspapers together with numerous magazines, each with its own target readership on the island. Some journalists incited hatred and sectarianism through their media channel, thus revealing their role in the master plan.

Mansoor Al Jamri is editor-in-chief of Alwasat. He is the son of fanatical Abdul Ameer Al Jamri who was one of the creators of Hizbaldawa that later became Al Wefaq and attempted a coup in the 1980s. In 2011 the newspaper was suspended for carrying several incorrect reports against Bahrain by using images from other countries and falsifying news to condemn the leadership. Their excuse was that the news was sent to them by external sources and yet no-one noticed the said events had not occurred in Bahrain.

As described in Wikipedia, wire agencies such as Reuters, AP, DPA, UPI and AFP are organizations of journalists established “to supply news reports to news organizations: newspapers, magazines, and radio and television broadcasters. Such an agency may also be referred to as a wire service, newswire, or news service”. These agencies continue to play a major role in Bahrain by providing real-time manipulated news to the world through their network of representatives.

Jamri’s wife, Reem Khalifa is the AFP reporter in Bahrain. During a press conference in 2011, she blatantly lied in front of the world’s media when she pleaded and sobbed to the Foreign Minister in the presence of international media and officials when she said “I saw a massacre at the roundabout” and said that ambulances were denied access. All evidence proved that the same instigators who at the time occupied Bahrain’s largest medical complex and the GCC roundabout were in fact controlling the ambulances. This same lady physically attacked a female doctor who exposed her false allegations in the presence of the Doctors without Borders. The incident was recorded and published online – yet the world kept silent.

Nazeeha Saeed, France 24 and Monte Carlo correspondent made bizarre accusations of “torture” against security forces but lost her case due to lack of evidence of mishandling by the policewoman. However, as a foreign correspondent her voice was louder than the truth, which the world chose to believe despite a complete lack of proof. In the process she abused her position and made defamatory accusations against an innocent policewoman and the government of Bahrain – yet the world still kept silent. What Nazeeha has forgotten is that when her father passed away in a car accident in Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister personally issued orders for a special ambulance to bring her father’s body back to Bahrain. She chose to stand against a man who supported her and her family in a time of need.

Lamees Dhaif today condemns the leadership but built her Western network through her position at a local newspaper. One of the most dubious characters of all, she has numerous court cases pending against her and despite wearing a hijab was arrested for a DUI offence in the GCC with a Kuwait businessman. Rumours claim she owns a salon in Sanabis that was used for prostitution in a rented property owned by the Kuwaiti businessman. This high maintenance lady has cleverly ignored the fact, that without a position as a journalist in a respectable newspaper, she would be nowhere. While she condemns the leadership on Iranian financed Lulu TV channel based in UK, she snubs the same leadership that is behind her family members getting high-ranking positions within the government.

Adel Marzooq was editor-in-chief of Albilad and rumoured to be a partner in an IT company that boasted hacking government sites. Marzooq who now lives in the UK, had the expertise to build a strong social media network and created a wide network outside of the country. In October 2011 an official delegation visited Manchester to boost business relations with the UK. At the venue a group of western protestors chanted abuse at the delegation as they arrived. It was later confirmed by one of these protestors that they were a group of homeless men and women who were paid by Adel to protest.

In February 2011, riding the wave of the Arab Spring, the opposition groups joined hands and moved forward with an attempted coup d’état in Bahrain. These journalists stood at the GCC roundabout and shouted “torture”, “dictatorship”, “despotic regime” – the world believed because their vile accusations reached the furthest. Whilst these “journalists” travel the globe spreading false propaganda against Bahrain, no-one in the West has taken the time to question who their financiers are that pay for 5-star hotels and first class travel.

USA, Iran and Hezbollah have attempted to create a chaotic environment in the hope of securing their agenda. Despite external pressure, Bahrain continues on the path of reform established in 2001 by King Hamad. It is the will of the people and the strength of the government that has seen the country through unpredictable ongoing violence since February 2011. The leadership has stood by the people and now it is time for the people to stand by the leadership against all deceptive voices.



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