Deceitful Diplomacy

krajeski Article
There are over 220 UK diplomatic missions across the globe, yet there are rarely, if any, petitions against representatives on the basis of “internal interference”. The USA has approximately 294 embassies and consulates in the world with numerous complaints against ambassadors and consulate staff for interfering in support of espionage and terrorism against governments in foreign lands. Just last week on 29th May 2013 the BBC reported that the third secretary at the US Embassy in Moscow, Ryan Fogle, was declared “persona non grata” for what the Russian foreign ministry called “provocative actions in the spirit of the Cold War”.

For decades the US embassy has recruited young foreign citizens, offered education, training in media relations, PR and public speaking. Most of these recruits are later used as tools against their very own government or any other country that is part of the master plan created in Washington. The latest tactics support entrepreneurial youth to gradually initiate them into becoming agents for Uncle Sam. The Middle East is no exception to this rule.

Current US ambassador in Bahrain, Thomas Krajeski is a phenomenon; despite petitions to remove him, he will probably complete his tenure. His superiors will certainly not re-assign him as this would not only be embarrassing but would cause a hiccup in their master plan. Although one other staff Ludvick was relocated after his direct involvement with fanatical opposition parties and secret meetings were exposed.

Since February 14th 2011, time and time again the Bahrain leadership has defended the rights and protected residents and citizens from violence and terrorist activity. The government has remained unruffled and has done everything to ensure a smooth passage to reform. The BICI report was the first step and now the dialogue is in progress with 16 meetings to date. Alwefaq have had the maximum number of changes of personnel with each representative making new demands. The process is merely a smoke screen to cause delay and stall; none of the representatives including Isa Qassim are able to make a decision without approval from their bosses in Iran and so they wait. Meanwhile, the Bahrain government is forced to patiently play the diplomatic game and do what is best for Bahrain.

Thomas Krajeski was sworn in as Ambassador in Bahrain on October 26th 2011 and arrived in the country on 30th October 2011. He entered the Foreign Service in 1979, served in Nepal, India, Poland, Egypt and UAE. In 2002 one year before the Iraq invasion, he had several suspicious meetings with shiaa and Kurdish Iraqi opposition in London. He has strong relations with the Hezbaldawa shiaa party in Iraq, which is Alwefaq (descendant of the Dawa party) in Bahrain. He is a close friend and sympathizer of Iraqi PM Noori AlMalki who adopts welayat faqhi and therefore a supporter of Khamenei in Iran. After just one month in Bahrain at the foreign summit relations committee Krajeski said there is “no evidence of Iranian instigation but concerned of Iranian exploitation as in other countries” and “people have the right to gather and express their views”. He failed to mention the abominable violence and terrorist acts; home made weapons, bombs and petrol bombs that have left workers and police dead with others hospitalized and maimed with serious burns and injuries including limb amputations. Krajeski met with Al Wefaq members at the same location of the National Dialogue, visited Isa Qassim but has never shown an ounce of concern for the injured, dead or maimed police and civilians although it is an unambiguous fact that Feb14 coalition should be referred to as terrorists as they are a militia group and specifically target police, Sunni citizens and expatriate workers.

There is no doubt that the USA embassies recruit locals to work and fight against their own country with the use of eloquently presented falsified information and fabrication of news. One such example is the radicalization of a young Kuwaiti girl Neera Saud AlSabah. On 10th October 1990, Neera (the 15year old daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to USA) sobbed as she testified to the House Committee what she “witnessed”; “Iraqi soldiers came to the hospital with guns, took babies out of the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor”. Following this testimony from a “credible” witness, Amnesty claimed 316 babies died, the west repeated these accusations as they joined hands and began the plan to oust Saddam. Two weeks after liberation, Middle East Watch and UNWRA arrived in Kuwait and realized that the story was “a complete hoax”. It was too late; Iraq had been sold.

The same lady claimed that innocent people were being murdered in Bahrain and again hysterically made false accusations although it is a well-known fact that her infamous previous slanderous testimony was a result of coaching by a reputable PR agency when she lived in Washington with her family – her father being the Kuwait Ambassador at the time.
Bahrain is not without its American trainees and graduated propagandists with Al Khawaja, Dhiaf , Abdulemam, Mattar, Al Aswad, Shehabi, Rajab, Al Yousif and Hashemi (known for kissing the Iranian President) amongst others who spout unbelievable falsified news to the world and work against a government that has given them free education, free health, free housing and freedom of speech. Unlike other countries the thorn in America’s side is the reform process that has taken Bahrain to new heights and has upset some neighbouring enemies in the process. With America wanting to maintain it’s foreign standing as a super-power status by asserting its influence, it is highly unlikely that the continued interference will be curbed.

Let’s not forget Krajeski played a major role in engineering the new divided Iraq constitution and perhaps his wish was to do the same in this country. However, what he has underestimated is the will of the people. Bahrain stands on the brink of a new era; the leadership is engaged in dialogue, the country has been through unprecedented turmoil and with sheer tenacity the people will succeed in ousting terrorism from this small island and go onwards and upwards.



2 comments on “Deceitful Diplomacy

  1. A great effort “SALLY” ;you have represented a good part of the ugly truth of USA ambassador😈 …THANKS 👍

  2. The State Department is occupied mainly by Zionists and Krajeski is one of them. Their ultimate goal is to ruin the entire ME for the sake of Israel domination of the area. They’re using ethnic and sectarianism to achieve this (creative chaos)

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