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Thor of the West

Abdulemam was a speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum last week making a fumbled and awkward speech, using a poorly manipulated video presentation to draw sympathy and offer a visually biased and prejudiced report. The video shows graphic images that have been used out of context and thus can be considered slanderous.

It is evident that he has not had the same media training Maryam Khawaja or Nabeel Rajab have from the US Embassy in Bahrain, who admitted to recruiting them years ago. Neither has Ali Abdulemam earned the title of blogfather of Bahrain with the rightful owner being a much more devious, manipulative and slippery character.

Ali Abdulemam seems to have gained undeserved popularity and following across the globe thanks to his apparently “Argo” style tactics of escaping a prison sentence. Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum claims that he planned and aided Abdulemam’s “escape” from a country that practices so much freedom that people are welcome to come and leave as they please.

Abdulemam claims that the UK Government has offered him asylum and will continue his “fight” from there – another burden for the British taxpayers who already pay for immigrants that cost the country billions of pounds every year. As if there were not enough terrorists residing in the UK as guests of Her Majesty’s government.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is home to approximately 1.2million people. All ethnicities have lived in harmony for generations surrounded by churches temples and mosques. People enjoy the freedom Bahrain offers, and most never get embroiled in any political discussion but want an end to the violence. What Abdulemam calls a “revolution” is infact a failed coup d’état and with fanatics since February 2011 calling for the downfall of the government.

In March 2011 three policemen in Sitra and Sanabis were mowed down by a group of young men and as they lay dying, the murderers threw rocks at their heads and beat their bodies with sticks. During the same period, a taxi driver (a senior citizen) was attacked and murdered at the wheel of his car. In March 2011 sunni university students were attacked by shiaa classmates. The same sunni students were taken to the roundabout and tortured further before being taken to the hospital with one female student still in a coma. Expatriate workers were bundled into cars and accused of being informants. Numerous workers were taken to the GCC roundabout and beaten – some died of their injuries, whilst others were refused treatment by unethical medics at SMC for being non-shiaa. In fact one of the doctors, Ali Alekri shared the patients’ identity cards with media while nurses cursed and beat the injured patients. Police cars were hi-jacked and policemen kidnapped and tortured – one was held hostage by shia’a scholar Almuqdad at his home. Almuqdad is now serving a life sentence. Teachers encouraged shiaa students to go on strike and attack sunni students particularly those that were naturalized. Mushiama called for an Islamic republic (like Iran) and said this was a country for believers of Ali –suggesting only shia’a were welcome in Bahrain. In November 2012 workers were targeted with homemade bombs that were placed in waste carts on the roads – killing three and seriously injuring two others. In early 2013, a policeman was killed when a metal rod punctured his liver and other organs. On early Friday 17th May 2013 two policemen were shot in the face with live ammunition fired from a home made gun, leaving one in intensive care. Tens of police have been maimed with petrol bombs or lost limbs after being attacked with swords, bombs or being run over by 4×4 SUVs. Abdulemam shows a picture of himself with Abdul Hadi Khawaja at the GCC roundabout but omits the fact that Khawaja instructed rioters to attack military bases in Bahrain and is one of the master planners for an armed military coup.

Abdulemam ended his report with his family – he appears to have forgotten the families of all the victims – some of the men being the sole bread winners for their families. One mother has lost her only two sons; one died in a car accident after a long night of protecting Bahrain from Hezbollah terrorists and the other died when hit by an explosive fired from a home made rocket launcher. These same terrorists are responsible for the death of Zahra, a young sunni girl who died after a metal rod penetrated her skull. The people Abdulemam calls peaceful continue to attack police, and non-shiaa – each death or injury is celebrated and condoned by his fanatical leaders in and outside of Bahrain.

Abdulemam chose to criticise the Prime Minister. What this amateur blogger seems to have forgotten is that the PM has worked for the people of Bahrain for decades – the level of education that these fanatics brag about is because one man had the vision to ensure the best education, health and housing with adequate infrastructure was offered to each and every citizen. The Prime Minister continues to work for the welfare of Bahrain.

Abduleman’s new godfather Thor, who has a deep-seated hatred towards Muslims or perhaps deep-seated obedience for money, is an ideal student for the world’s biggest despotic dictator – Khamenei.

“An Electronic Intifada investigation uncovered evidence that Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, receives significant funding from the same financiers who support the Islamophobes who inspired anti-Muslim Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik. Despite being presented with this evidence, the Norwegian government and Amnesty International are embracing Halvorssen, a long-time far-right activist and the scion of a politically-connected family tied to Venezuela’s US-backed opposition”.

Thor told reporter Sarah Sorheim; “I receive money from a variety of different people and environments. But that does not mean I necessarily support their political views.”



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