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Hezbollah Contempt for Bahrain Formula

New Pic Juffair

Last night (Friday 12th April) in the heart of Juffair, a car bomb was detonated and a second car exploded as a result. There were no injuries and within minutes police had cordoned off the area and the situation was under control. Last week the Foreign Ministry building was attacked by a group of terrorists with Molotov petrol bombs in the heart of the Bahrain capital Manama. With the Grand Prix just 5 days away and the announcement of February 14th coalition group’s “Raging Volcano” campaign against the Formula one, the exposure of political representatives in the National Dialogue illegally conferring with the US Embassy and parliament listing Hezbollah as a terrorist group, perhaps more disturbance can be expected.

Hezbollah Bahrain has announced a week of protests in Bilad Al Qadeem, Al Dair, Al Daih, Tubli, Karzakan culminating in Jannusan to Saar on Friday 19th April. The Bahrain Hezbollah or the 14th Feb Coalition Group, was possibly masterminded years before the failed 2011 coup d’état. In the last 26 months they have grown, become more skilled, appear to be well funded in branded uniforms and have become more resolute with more members. Made up of religiously radicalized youth from across Bahrain, they are a well trained and highly efficient army, with the expertise to build home made weapons including bombs to create mayhem during the Formula 1. This group is also responsible for placing remotely detonated bombs in trash containers to target Asian workers, which have killed two and seriously injured two others to date.

International media continue to publish condemnation against the leadership and the race whilst using images of violent protesters who spew false allegations of “suffering and oppression”. Majority in Bahrain are against any form of violence and welcome the Formula One Bahrain as an event that is economically beneficial to the country, but the voice of a violent minority appears to be the focus of media who ignore the truth. Thousands of citizens involved in the success of the Grand prix since 2003 have inadvertently become the target of delinquents.

With a terrorist act in a major part of Juffair, the international media must question the objective of the detonated bombs, the timing and location. They must ask Hezbollah Bahrain the following;

1.Why Friday night (a weekend) outside a busy hotel with a popular nightspot in Bahrain?
2.Juffair is in close vicinity of the American base and British Embassy staff housing – is this a message to those governments?
3.One car exploded and within a split second the other – was the second explosion supposed to injure (or kill) police or civil defense personnel who would have come to the site immediately after the first explosion? Did a vibration from the first erroneously trigger the second?
4.With the Bahrain Grand Prix just days away, are these dangerous antics a conspiracy to gain media glory across the globe?
5.There are many expatriate workers who use this car park as a short cut and some wash cars for the visitors – were these bombs placed there to injure or kill workers?
6.Juffair is one of the main destinations for tourists to Bahrain as it has a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and night life. Was the remotely detonated explosive device to deter foreigners to the country?

International media have a duty to emphasize that a bomb is a deadly weapon. It is imperative they acknowledge using weapons is attempted murder, and far from any form of “peaceful protest or national dialogue”. Hezbollah Bahrain fanatics’ core belief is violence and Welayat faqhi, which is supposedly essential to “bring their long awaited salvation” (as they believe) and abusing constitution rights as well as human rights of the 1.2million population in Bahrain is part of the course. This is the reality.



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