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Dictatorship by a Foreign Power

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National dialogue takes place every single working day within parliament, be it in London or Bahrain. Members of Parliament are theoretically the voice of people within their constituency. If that representative then chooses to leave parliament he is now securely outside the democratic parliamentary process as is the norm in any Western democracy. In short he gives up his right to represent the people who voted him into that position in the first instance.

In 2011 eighteen Al Wefaq Members of Parliament resigned and abandoned their right to be part of a democratic process. These theocratic scholars deserted their voters by giving up their political voice, and instead spewed venom to incite vandalism, thuggery and terrorism. Independents, who have stood against acts of violence and intimidation, may now be deemed a legal opposition.

Despite Bahrain calling for a dialogue from the outset, Western tittle-tattle continues to condemn a leadership that has reached out to all, to walk down a path of peace in solidarity.

If the Arch Bishop of Canterbury or the Dalai Lama were to announce, “crush the police” how many governments would support them? How many human rights groups and “activists” would condemn them and how many journalists and world leaders would question their sanity?

Western voices have aligned themselves with political parties in Bahrain who have rejected a democratic process but supported violence on the streets that continues to create fear, mayhem and millions of dollars worth of public damage. Western propaganda suggests Bahrain demean itself, give up democratic rights and freedom and allow fanatical political parties who have chosen dictatorship by a foreign power, to lead the country down a path of anarchy.



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