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Human Rights Watch Ethics

Founded over 30years ago, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is currently a leading NGO supposedly dedicated to “defending and protecting human rights” through international focus by giving a voice to the “oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes”. However, HRW continues to ignore the plight of victims of violence based on a questionable strategy. Joe Stork and Sarah Whitson, two prominent HRW members continue to defend Bahraini “activists” despite evidence of protestor brutality and links to terrorist groups. One only has to dig beneath the surface to see that both have backgrounds in pro-Palestinian political activities and continue to promote political agendas through their “human rights” work.

Bahrain is a prime example of where HRW failures are highlighted but agenda clarified as a result of their misguided reports. HRW has not once taken into account the victims of protestors nor have they condemned the acts of protestor violence which has not only been aimed at the police force but also targeted Migrant workers in the country. A home made launcher caused the death of a girl when an iron rod penetrated her skull, home made bombs caused the death two workers and caused major injuries to others. In another case a worker had petrol sprayed on his legs before being set alight. During the height of the occupation a worker who survived is in a vegetative state after his tongue was cut out and suffered brain damage from being beaten with an iron rod causing skull fracture, an elderly taxi driver was attacked and died at the wheel of his cab when he was attacked by a group protestors – these are just some of the ignored protestor atrocities. HRW chooses to ignore the victimization of low-income workers, as they do not meet their criteria for condemnation. Curiously, HRW refers to men and women who are connected to terrorists groups and responsible for the deaths of civilians and policemen as “activists” and urge for their release whilst ignoring the plight of the victims who protestors label as “mercenaries” and “government spies”.

One has to question the ethics of HRW who have failed the very people their organization claims to defend. The rights of human beings do not appear to be their focus and after decades of politicization and manipulation, HRW has become just another mouthpiece for fanatics disguised as wealthy businessmen.

In 2012 over 500 men and women were executed in Iran accused of minor crimes and being “non-believers”. There is no international condemnation by HRW nor have they produced a report about the brutal despotic regime in Iran. HRW slant is dubious, particularly when they show concern for Palestinian when attacked by Israelis but are less concerned if perpetrators are Arabs. In 2007 the Lebanese Army shelled the Nahr Al Bared refugee camp near Tripoli killing over 100 civilians and displacing 30,000 – HRW never produced a report about this crime. The fact reports are not published against Iran’s fanatical and sadistic government shows undisputable bias.
With funds running low due to financiers losing faith in HRW with ongoing scandals, Soros stepped in with a $100m donation for HRW in 2010. A powerful business magnate was mentioned by Forbes in 2011 as; “Soros is hated because many Eastern Europeans and Central Asians believe that he is using his money to subvert their political systems”. Kazakstan and Turkmenisan have banned Soros backed pro-democracy movements and Eric Kurtulus head of Social Transparency Movement Association (TSHD) in Turkey said “ Soros carried out his will in Ukraine and Georgia by using NGOs”. In November 2010 a TV presenter claimed that Soros with the help of others was attempting to collapse the United States economy in order to help create a new world order. At a meeting Soros called for “regime change in USA and funding of projects in Palestine whilst donating $1m to “Super Pax” during Oabma’s re-election.

If HRW is indeed a legitimate organisation with a noble cause of supporting the oppressed – their fight must be against terrorism and victims of brutal regimes. However, after grappling with credibility and imbalanced reporting, HRW has cemented its relationship with a domineering and politically strong financier.



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