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Hezbollah of Bahrain

Hezbollah has murdered their way into power in Lebanon and have successfully infiltrated Bahrain. Hasan Nasrallah was born on 31 August 1960 and traveled to Najaf in 1976. He defected from Amal Movement and was one of the major founders of Hezbollah in 1982. Upon his self-appointed position as Secretary General in 1992, he explicitly announced, “we do not say we are part of Iran. We say we are Iran in Lebanon”. Is this the plan for Bahrain? As if dates are a coincidence with Hezbollah; the Cedar Revolution was a chain of demonstrations that took place after the assassination of Hariri on 14th February 2005 and the anti-Syria-regime coalition of political parties named 14th March alliance was founded. “Peaceful protestors” destroy fond memories through violence and brutality. The plan to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hariri’s death on Saturday 14th February 2015 with anarchy to overthrow the Bahrain government fortunately failed due to their haste caused by the Arab Spring. Perhaps a sabbath was suitable as their so-called enemies will be in the synagogues or at home, and the real sunni targets for Hezbollah would be on out the streets.

Human Rights groups continue to refer to protestors in Bahrain as a “peaceful movement” against a “suppressive and dictatorial Al Khalifa regime”. Interestingly it is the leadership that permits protests as stated in the constitution, in fact the Crown Prince reached out to protestors and invited them for a dialogue and was willing to fulfill their demands – so the question is why did they reject a peaceful solution in the first instance? The government to this day tolerates the violence in the hope that the youth will see the light. This sadly is not the case and no one should become complacent just because the GCC roundabout no longer exists and there is no physical occupation in any part of the country. The minds of these Bahraini youth is occupied and it is imperative that steps are taken to de-radicalize them before the very people they trust (Hezbollah), destroy them.

The western world finds it easy to condemn a secular, moderate leadership. Hezbollah has been instrumental in controlling media presence – appearing as victims of a “brutal regime” to the world whilst suspiciously financed NGOs highlight the plights of the “tortured, beaten and abused youth”. Nasrallah owns Al Manar TV channel, Iran owns over forty news channels including Press TV, and if that is not enough, Hezbollah loyals are placed in international media to feed the world such as Reem Khalifa in AP, Nazih Saeed on France 24 and Galloway on satellite channels. No stone is left unturned by Hezbollah who pride themselves on the control they have on the youth at street level. The young are kept a little bit hungry, a little bit on the edge and a little bit in fear of their own lives.

Let the world not be imperceptive to deem Hezbollah incapable of eradicating anything that stands in the way of absolute power. Under the tyrannical leadership of Nasrallah with support from despotic Khamenei of Iran, Hezbollah has effectively eliminated all their opponents including those fighting the same enemy to achieve complete supremacy in the terrorist world. A badge dripping with Sunni and Christian blood of Lebanon and Palestine that they wear with honour.

The Amal Movement was formed in 1979 in the wake of the shiaa Revolution to help the shiaa in Lebanon. It was a small group under the command of Secretary General Abbas Mousawi with a simple vision to fight Israel. Nasrallah was appointed as political officer in 1982 but he broke away from this movement to form Hezbollah with the aid of Iran.

In September 1982 between 3,000 -5,000 Palestinians who should have been considered allies of both Amal Movement and Hezbollah as they too were fighting Israel were systematically slaughtered in two villages. Sabra and Shatila villages were surrounded from the North by Hezbollah, the South by Israel to contain the villagers and from the East by Amal Movement who were the first to move in attack and kill. The UK Sunday Times on 27th May 1982 reported that 1,500 Palestinians had disappeared after Hezbollah interrogation and that hundreds had been slaughtered. Reuters reported that journalists were prevented from entering the camp; even the Red Cross had been denied entry. Italian newspaper Repubblica reported that men begged for their lives but were fired upon. The elderly were shot, disabled children were murdered, men and women were gunned down or beaten to death and tens of women were raped in the presence of their families before being systematically executed. The attacks did not cease until every single man, woman and child in the two villages was dead. A barbaric achievement for Hezbollah.

As the Amal Movement’s popularity rose with this sadistic victory, Nasrallah assassinated General Secretary Abbas Mousawi and all those loyal to him in 1992 to eliminate Amal Movement from existence. Today Hezbullah has an army that the Lebanese army pussyfoots around and their lethal grip goes beyond Lebanon into Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, KSA and has infiltrated Bahrain.

Perhaps HRW and other NGOs would like to explain to the world this atrocity and why they support a terrorist oganisation where the leader hides in a secret location and airs recorded speeches that incite hatred and violence against all regimes of the world whilst glorifying Iran. When Nasrallah chants death to the Jews – do they realise that Nasrallah also refers to the sunni population of the world? Perhaps they could also explain why the leaders of the street protestors in Bahrain carry the Hezbollah flag and meet with the Secretary General?

HRW has urged for the release of “innocent prisoners”, but they must explain why Hasan Mushaiman, Nabeel Rajab, Maryam Al Kahwaja, Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, Matar Matar, Ali Salman, Said Shehabi all visit the Hezbollah base in South Lebanon regularly. These NGOs should question why Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader of Al Wefaq is appointed by Khamenei and why Nasrallah addressed the protestors in Bahrain with “Isa Qassim is your leader, follow him”.

Bahrain radical opposition links with Hezbollah

Bahrain radical opposition links with Hezbollah

Hezbollah is not an opponent that can be effortlessly quashed. Some have become relaxed with the current situation, but 14 Feb militia is becoming more entrenched, with a dangerous strategic plan. It is time for the world and people living locally to sit up and take notice of an obvious threat that can only be eradicated by the removal of the masterminds and the violent youth from the streets of Bahrain.

Hezbollah for decades has trained youth in guerilla methodology of blocking roads with burning tyres, use of weapons and home made bombs. The very same tactics are used in Bahrain by “peaceful protestors”. The 14th Feb Coalition, the militia arm of political party Al Wefaq wear a uniform that includes a balaclava with molotovs as weapons. Their sole purpose is to follow instructions from their leaders to disable the economy, transport and communication, to target non-shiaa residents and citizens to cause an imbalance in power. When they carry out parades in the villages, this local army first blocks access and turns off power in the vicinity of the villages making it a difficult task for the police force to enter. Police are continuously attacked and fire tear gas to disperse rioters but through Hezbollah-loyal international media representatives, protestor brutality is reported as a “peaceful demonstration”. The recent funeral of a young protestor saw the 14thFeb Coalition escort a coffin in a military style parade followed by violence. These same youth militia demand freedom but are suppressed by their shiaa leaders within the hierarchy and will remain on the streets for the rest of their lives. Within the structure there are intellectuals, planners and academics who publish reports and analysis papers in support of Iran’s Greater Bahrain movement. All are financed to create legitimacy and infiltrate in a skillful and discreet manner. Youth are trained not only for the streets but to manage media and ensure that at all times the protestors are depicted as “peaceful and oppressed”.

Hezbollah Lebanon and Hezbollah Bahrain

Hezbollah Lebanon and Hezbollah Bahrain

If the international community will not support Bahrain it is evident that this once tranquil island will become a war torn country like Lebanon and Iraq. Bahrain must make unified political decisions to remove this perilous threat for the sake of future peace and stability, sooner rather than later.



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