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Al Wasat Ethics

Today Qassim Hussain attacked my twitter account @SallyfromSaar in Al Wasat newspaper, accusing it of being paid from somewhere to do “dirty work which is an unethical point of view”. Qassim did not defend any of the points made in my articles but chose to belittle a resident in the country who is essentially a witness.

Since February 2011, social media has become the most powerful source of information in real time. Bahrain is the most popular hashtag in the region with 2.8million in March 2012. Twitter accounts in Bahrain increased by 39% between Jan-June 2012, with 80,000 registered users by October of the same year and half a billion worldwide.

Al Wasat readers have used twitter, facebook and other social media tools to ensure that their radical ideas are spread at a global level to appear victims in the eyes of the West. I would say to Mansoor Al Jamri Editor and Chief of Al Wasat and son of a political leader, instead of publishing an article that publically abuses people, perhaps Al Wasat would like to share the true vision of Al Wefaq with the world.

Al Wefaq is a branch of Dawa party placed in Iraq by Iran and they follow the principal of Welayat Faqih. Al Wasat, Editor in Chief seems to have forgotten his father kissed King Hamad’s hand and apologized for the violence in the 90s. Al Jamri even signed a document as conformation of his commitment to peace in Bahrain. Isa Qassim who is currently the spiritual leader of Alwefaq incites hatred, violence, crushing of the police and calls for the downfall of the Government.

Mansoor Al Jamri and his wife Reem Khalifa have both been accused of committing an unforgivable crime in the media world by publishing untrue information. Al Wasat used images from other countries to falsely accuse the Bahrain government of atrocities. International news agency AP was forced to apologize after Reem misquoted the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Considering that Al Wasat is known for misleading its readers the statement their journalist made today in reference to ethics is laughable.



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